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Book List 2023-24 Session

Book List 2024-25 Session Class 1st to Class 10th

About Us

Spring Dale Public School, established in 1990, by Late S. Naunihal Singh, is administered by Mrs. Kawalpreet Kaur as the Managing Director. The school follows the curriculum prescribed by the Punjab School Education Board.


We, at SDPS, offer education to the students from class 1st up to class 10th, with a staff that is a carefully selected blend of young and experienced teachers, who strive hard to impart quality schooling to the students.


Apart from the academic training, the school ensures that the students are also engaged in co-curricular activities for the overall development of their personalities.

The Founder

Being a philanthropic person, he would always go out of his way to help the ones in need. His keen efforts towards establishing a ‘model’ educational institute and maintaining the excellency have steered through the strengthening of the school in the past years.


His disciplined and virtuous lifestyle has given us lifelong lessons that are sure to stay with us even though we don’t have him physically amongst us.


We wish to follow the same path as he did during his life, making him proud and elated.


S. Naunihal Singh


Director’s Note

Following the footsteps of our honourable founder, we, at Springdale Public School, lay emphasis on a disciplined and exemplary education along with imparting awareness among the students to become responsible citizens who exhibit qualities such as benovelence, punctuality and honesty. Apart from following the regular curriculum, we make sure that the students are engaged in co-curricular activities as well.


Our prime motive is to impart high-quality learning to our students in order to enable them to gain excellent knowledge as well as to prepare them for the life beyond school where they can get into the best of the colleges ahead.


We ensure that the students get an outstanding schooling experience with us which they’ll cherish for the rest of their lives.


Ms. Kawalpreet Kaur

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Facilities we offer

Computer Lab

The school inspires and facilitates the students to be acquainted with the technology. We aim to make the students equipped with the technical knowledge that can be applied in their academic classes as well as their day-to-day life.


Encouraging the students to read more has been one of the goals of the school. Keeping in mind the quality education for the students, the school library is equipped with a sufficient range of books on all subjects.

Science Lab

The school provides a well-armed science laboratory for the students to experience the practical aspects of the scientific knowledge they acquire in the classrooms. Students are supervised by the trained staff while carrying out the practical work.

Physical Education

In order to facilitate their overall physical development, the students are encouraged to participate in various sports. The lush green ground with trees around ensures better air quality while the students engage in their recreational activities.

Co-Curricular Activities

Holding on to one’s cultural roots is as essential as it is to progress ahead. We, at SDPS, organise various cultural events, where students get to participate and showcase their talent through music, dance, language, food and craft.

24/7 Security

To ensure the safety of the students, closed circuit cameras have been installed in and around the school campus. Only parents or local guardians are allowed to take the students out of the school.

Personnel at SDPS

  • Manju Lata


    A highly skilled educator with over 26 years of experience who's also the Principal at SDPS. Apart from being a pro in teaching HIndi, she loves reading literature as well.

  • Surekha Kumari

    Science Teacher

    An expert in teaching Science for about 30 years, she is passionate about her profession and loves being around her students.

  • Jaspreet Kaur

    Maths Teacher

    Having taught Mathematics to the students for over 18 years, she surely is a master of the numbers. Apart from being a genius in her subject, she's an amazing cook too.

  • Sukhjeet Kaur

    Punjabi Teacher

    A creative and skillful staff member who's been with SDPS for the last 12 years, teaches Punjabi to the students. Apart from her command on the subject, she loves trying her hands at creative writing.

  • Pardeep Kaur

    Maths Teacher

    A proficient Mathematics instructor who's been teaching this subject here for the past 10 years using innovative techniques so that the students develop a fondness for the subject. Music is something she loves listening to in her free time.

  • Kamalpreet Kaur

    Punjabi Teacher

    Equipped with the art of teaching Punjabi, she has been a part of the SDPS family for about 7 years now. She has been using interesting ways of imparting knowledge to the kids here. She really loves listening to some good music.

  • Jyoti Khanna

    Computer Teacher

    She is an expert at teaching computers to the students of classes upto 10th. She has been with SDPS for 9 years now and has always focused on making the learning of technology a real fun for the kids. In her free time, she loves to explore her artistic side by drawing her favourite things.

  • Shallu Mahajan

    Science Teacher

    Having taught Science to the students for 10 years now, she is an expert at laying a strong foundation of concepts. She has been working hard to instill scientific thinking into her pupils through theoretical as well as practical learning.

  • Sunita Rani

    All Subjects/Primary

    A proficient teacher who possesses mastery in educating the students in all the subjects. She is an expert here with an extensive experience of 27 years of working at SDPS. Besides being a master at her profession, she is an amazing singer as well.

  • Nirmal Kaur

    English Teacher

    WIth her steady command of English language, she has been teaching English to the students here at SDPS, for the last 9 years. Over these years, she has strived hard to make the kids accustomed with the language that's not their mother tongue so that their base is built up in a strong way. Being around plants and gardening is something that brings joy to her.

  • Supinderjeet Kaur

    English Teacher

    She has been a part of the SDPS family for about 5 years. Students here have been learning English from her and have really found her innovative ways of instructing as something they can cherish forever. She likes to explore various places to experience their architecture, culture and food.

  • Rajni Sharma

    English Teacher

    Having taught English at SDPS for a long period of 13 years, her enthusiasm in transferring her knowledge to the students is unmatched. Due to her excellent expressiveness, she does a great job at anchoring and entertaining the audience during the school events.

  • Manjeet Kaur

    S.St Teacher

    Being up to date with the concepts of government, geography, history, economics, civic ideals and current events, she has been teaching Social Studies to the students for around 7 years. She likes to try cooking new recipes in her free time.

  • Karamjit Kaur

    Fine Art

    Making the students connect with their artistic personality, she has been teaching the subject of Fine Arts to the students. With an experience of 6 years now, she does an amazing job at inspiring the pupils to express themselves through the art, to develop an aesthetic awareness and to promote the freedom of expression. She loves painting in her spare time.

  • Sukhbir Kaur

    S.St Teacher

    She has been an amazing instructor of Social Studies for a couple of years at SDPS. She employs the latest techniques of teaching the concepts so that the process of learning becomes interesting for the students. In her free time, she loves listening to some music.

  • Davinder Kaur

    Punjabi Teacher

    She has been teaching Punjabi at the school for the last 3 years, with an intention of making the students develop better literary skills and have a strong hold over the language. In order to keep in touch with the literature, she likes reading in her leisure time as well.

  • Gagandeep Kaur

    English Teacher

    She being a young talent in the school for about a couple of years now, teaches English to the students. She has a fresher outlook towards the teaching strategies and ensures to engage the pupils in an interesting way. As her recreational activity, she loves discovering her artistic skills through clay moulding.

  • Mandeep Singh


    He is a recent member of the SDPS family who joined a year ago. He undertakes the clerical tasks in school and is fond of cooking as his leisure activity.

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